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Now Design is a freelance fashion print design service, by Stephen Rose, with over twenty years of experience designing placement prints, allover repeat patterns and graphic solutions for major high street retailers and independent labels.

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Why Now?

  • 20 years of freelance fashion print design expertise
  • Designs tailored to your specific needs
  • Efficient, flexible and reliable

Creative and commercial.

Showcasing a modern and forward thinking approach to fashion print design, Now Design utilises both digital and traditional techniques to create unique and original prints. With a strong commercial eye and keen attention to detail, Now Design can enhance your next fashion print collection with ‘high street ready’ designs.

What they say...

“Originality, professionalism and a clear understanding of the market place are attributes that we look for in a graphic designer. All of these things Stephen has in spades but when coupled with his finely tuned commercial eye and sense of urgency, that package has proven to be a winning formula. His contribution to the success of The Duke Clothing Co. over the last six years has been significant. ”

Steve Osborne & Subash Kumar

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